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A warning from us Hedgehogs!

Lorraine attended one of my hedgehog talks (see In the subsequent correspondence I made an off the cuff comment to her that hedgehogs really ought to have metal spikes to defend themselves against oncoming traffic. She is passionate about wildlife and one way that she champions the cause of the natural world is through poetry. With Lorraine having been inspired by the concept of hedgehogs using metal spikes to fight back against the motor car, it wasn't long before this delightful poem popped into my inbox.

A warning from us Hedgehogs

A warning to you drivers

we Hedgehogs have a plan.

We’re tired of you speeding.

so, we’re striking back at man.

We’ve had a word with Government,

We’ve asked for metal spikes.

so, we will come up shining.

Each time a motor strikes.

Perhaps the driver will think twice.

As tyres are not cheap

So, when he gets behind the wheel,

it’s what he sows he’ll reap.

Our spikes will be so shiny.

And will cut like any spear.

So, when man speeds around the bend

We will not have to fear.

Our spikes will be like stingers.

As man’s tyres now explode.

But we ourselves will be ok.

Whilst traveling on the road.

Now remember we are very cute.

and hate to take this action.

But if man cannot control his speed

It’s our only satisfaction.

So, look upon your shiny box

and how much this is worth.

BUT don’t forget us hedgehogs.

As we’ve all our place on earth.

© Lorraine Packham

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