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Look a little closer ...

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Through February hazel trees are draped in tassels of pale gold. Catch them if you can when they are lit by the warm glow of winter sunshine, wafting in the gentle breeze as they add a splash of gentle colour to an otherwise lackluster scene. Heavily laden with pollen, a gentle tap might release a golden shower of pollen. However, don't simply admire the catkins and move on. Linger a moment ...

Seen by many but “clocked” only by those in the know, there is a treat in-store if you look a little closer, in fact a lot closer. Concentrate on those trees whose catkins are in their prime - open but before they turn a dirty brown. Fix your gaze at the base of the catkins and the ends of the twigs. Be patient and keep searching as it's likely you will have to investigate several trees to be rewarded.

Then suddenly you to too will be in the know:

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