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Now is a great time to listen out for tawny owls!

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Now is the perfect time to listen out for tawny owls. With the youngsters dispersing to find a territory of their own, resident “tawnies” are making their presence known in the hope that it will deter intruders.

The best nights to listen out for calling tawny owls are still, dry nights with a relatively full moon. As well as the autumn peak in calling, there is another peak as breeding approaches and pair bonding is in full swing in the early spring.

Sit back and enjoy this high quality16 minute recording made in mid Devon in late August. The recording was made by Paul Pratley (from the Wildlife Recording Society ). It starts with distant owls before owls can be heard very close by. At about 50s is a strange burble/warble thought to be that of a male bonding with the nearby female.

Sound recording ℗ P Pratley

To listen to other call made by tawny owls, go to "calls" at

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