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Who has been visiting this spraint site?

Updated: May 7, 2023

A camera trap deployed at an otter spraint site one end of a 60m short cut across a field has, over the last 8 weeks (early March to the end of April), captured an interesting array of visitors.

Otter path
Otter short cut that has the spraint site at the far end.

Three otters have put in an appearance. One a much larger presumed dog otter, a slightly smaller individual (sex unknown) and a surprise visit from an adolescent (not seen before or since).

Larger otter

Larger otter


Dipper with nesting material (dippers nest early in the year)


Larger otter

Average sized otter with a "dull" left eye (less reflecivity)

Roe buck

Roe doe

Larger otter

Sheep (investigating otter spraint!)

Woodmouse (probably)


Larger otter (identified on CCTV 200m downstream) followed 82 minutes later by ...

Average sized otter with dull left eye (also identified on CCTV)

Unexplained adolescent otter in daylight

Larger otter - relatively unusual visit when traveling downstream

Video to illustrate size difference and the relative reflectivity of the two otters' left eyes

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