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Whose poo? (1)

Updated: Apr 19

Some wildlife can be illusive but knowing the signs that they leave behind (in this case their faeces/scat/droppings etc) will give one a clue as to their presence in an area.

This is the first in a series of "whose poo?". I will post an image then, a week or two later, post the answer with some backround information. Please feel free to leave your suggested answer in the comments.

Fox scat
Whose poo?

Found on my drive and very smelly!

ANSWER: a fox poo (known as a "scat").

Fox scats are VERY pungent (as anyone with a dog who likes rolling in it will know!). To sniff a fox scat, one option is to push a stick into it before smelling the stick ... carefully!! Fox scats are often found on high points such as mole hills, rocks and small mounds. I once found one on a large mushroom that had clear evidence of the fox having eaten apples. Given the wide dining habits of foxes, their scats vary enormously but, virtually always, smell revolting!

Fox scat
Fox scat on mushroom

Fox scat on mushrooms

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